eSales - TPS for Travel Agencies

eSales - TPS for Travel Agencies

eSales - TPS for Travel Agencies

eSales is a custom-made transaction processing system (TPS) that consolidates sales activities related to travel, like airline and shipping bookings. It is a web- and mobile-friendly white-label product that allows an unlimited number of users and generates comprehensive sales reports.

The system comes with a number of benefits, one of which is that it allows users to keep track of all their sales activities online, anytime, and anywhere.

Users can customize their travel ticket, from custom remarks to reminders and fare rules; they can also create unlimited sub-agents so they have their own system under the original user's brand, through parent-child extended access.

Previews of the TPS:

Any data from the system can be extracted quickly, whether for printing or exporting to spreadsheet form. Finally, the system is capable of generating comprehensive reports on sales, charge accounts, and even sub-agents? balances and remittances.

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